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Animal Communication

Ever wonder if your pet is happy and healthy?

What are they really thinking about?

Ever get the impression your pet is trying to tell you something?

Do they have behavioral issues that need to be addressed?

I am a professional Animal Communicator / Pet Psychic. This means that I can telepathically talk to animals.

My methods, teachings, and knowledge grow with every animal I encounter. Animals have an amazing ability to process complex situations. They take on our stress. They understand work stress, children’s issues, divorce, emotional and physical illness, and our insecurities and fears. They can give us wise insight into our lives. If we learn to communicate with them more clearly, their confusion and behavior problems begin to drift away and we in return become more peaceful people.

I am blessed to be able to talk to them and to understand them. I am blessed to be their translator, teacher, therapist, student, and their friend.

Animal Communication is the energetic connection to an animal, by which non-verbal messages are exchanged through thought patterns and feeling sensations. During a session, I connect to the animal energetically through a picture of your pet and messages are received telepathically. Your pet's thoughts, feelings and wishes are revealed to you. Any physical concerns that the animal chooses to acknowledge are also presented to you. Specific behavior or health concerns can be addressed at your request.

Animal Communication ~ $75.00
You will receive a personal email from Robin within 24 hours confirming your reading request.