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About Robinette Meyer

Robin and Lisa Williams

World renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams has been most influential in Robin's recent years of spiritual and intuitive development. Robin has attended several of Lisa Williams' Psychic and Mediumship classes in both California and Texas, and is listed here as a Certified Medium from Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development

Robin's first memory of connecting to the spirit world was at the age of 7, when she met and began communicating with her spirit guides. And then she was just 14 when she bought an old book called You and I and the Stars by Llewellyn George at a yard sale for just a quarter. The book which now has a permanent place on Robin's desk "as a reminder of the start of my journey" turned out to be an antique astrology book printed in 1932. As she read, her interest in the metaphysical world grew and Robin went on to buy virtually any book she could find the subject. Since that time, Robin has studied extensively both with teachers and independently, to better understand and utilize her spirit's gifts.

Through the spirit of her beloved mother Gloria Clemens, Robin's connection to her intuitive senses deepened in 2007 when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. The family was blessed with precious time to talk openly together about the afterlife. As a firm believer, Gloria agreed to send signs from the afterlife signified by a white feather.

Nine months later, as Gloria passed over, Robin witnessed her spirit leaving the body through her crown chakra. The experience was vivid and real for Robin, enough that she felt "I could have reached out and touched her." In that moment, a transformation reshaped Robin's life. Her belief system found purpose and became stronger, opening up her psychic abilities even more. Everything started coming in clearly, and the "veil" became transparent. Inspired by her experience, Robin found new passion for her spiritual journey and development of her intuitive gifts.

Robin and James Van Praagh

Robin is also trained in animal communications, and as a Reiki Master certified in Therapeutic Touch, she uses her gifts with animals as well as with people. Other interests and areas of study include: numerology, spirit animals, aromatherapy, yoga, tarot, and angel presence. Robin integrates these practices along with her training under six different psychic mediums, including James Van Praagh, to create a connection that compliments her own unique style. As a psychic empath, she often brings clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience to her readings.

The white feather remains a special sign of love and peace for Robin and still appears "at very poignant times when I need her most."