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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to send for an Animal Email Reading?
All you need to send or email is the name, age and gender of your pet, a recent photo and any specific questions or concerns you may have.
Will I receive my reading faster if I use PayPal?
Yes, you will receive your reading in an Email within 3 business days after receipt of your PayPal payment. Checks and money orders will take longer as the reading will only be completed once payment is received and clears. This may delay receipt of your reading up to 1-2 weeks.
What does one Animal Reading cost?
One reading costs $75.00. The amount of the information and the length of the readings are dictated by how much your pet wants to communicate.
What does on Personal Reading cost?
One personal reading costs $150.00.
Can you do a reading on an animal that has passed away?
Yes, in addition to providing the recent photo, name, and gender of your pet, please provide the month and year your pet passed away.
What is Animal Communication?
Animal communicators sense that all animals are sentient beings with a telepathic ability to express their feelings. Actually, everyone has at least some capacity to receive/send telepathic information; training and practice can improve the connections. An open heart and mind are the ONLY prerequisites. People often consult professional communicators just to validate information they feel they've already gotten from their animal companions.
How do you know the information is really coming from your animal?
Often it's plain that it couldn't have come from any other source, especially when the answers are surprising to you, yet make sense. One of my favorite learning lessons in animal communication was when I was first giving readings for animals, a dog named Frankie communicated to me the word "lollipops". I was almost embarrassed to tell Frankie's owner that I heard the word lollipops. I was after all communicating with a dog! And lollipops just didn't make any sense to me! Well the more I tried pushing it aside, the more the dog insisted to communicate the word lollipop. With a bit of hesitation, I told the owner what I was picking up on. The owner was so surprised when she heard the word lollipop because she often shared a See's lollipop with her dog Frankie! She knew right then that I was in fact communicating with her dog Frankie. Since then I have valued that lesson, and I always GIVE WHAT I GET in a reading. No matter how silly it sounds to me!

Some words of caution: Animal communication cannot easily locate lost animals due to the emotional turmoil and confusion usually surrounding these situations, though sometimes helpful clues can be discovered. Bear in mind that your lost animals can't read street signs and tell it to the communicator! They can only describe their general surroundings which may or may not give a hint as to their specific location.

Also animal communication is not a substitute for skilled veterinary care. Speaking with the animal can give insights into physical problems, but like children, animals may downplay an illness or injury to avoid the dreaded trip to the doctor.