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Dear Robin,
Thank you only begins to express my appreciating for the reading I had with you on May 5th. I have been read by a number of people over the past 30 years and, just like doctors, a good psychic is worth their weight in gold. My stepmother had a reading with you at a Lisa Williams seminar recently and was very excited about the reading you gave her. I actually scheduled mine due to something in the message you brought her from my mother. I wanted to find out who the person was who has been holding on to some guilt since my motherís passing 20 years ago so I could contact them and tell them to let it go. The name of the person was all I was expecting out of my reading, and I would have been more than content with just that information... but, you gave me so much more. My maternal grandmother came through with some surprising news for me - and the confirmation it was her were the initials she gave... my grandfather's. No one could have just come up with them due to my grandfather not having used his given name during his life. Then our conversation and hearing where I should be heading with my life, the job I should be working towards... I was very pleasantly surprised as it is something I have always wished I could do. To hear that what you consider your 'dream job' is what you should actually be doing with your life gives you such an unexplainable feeling.

Everything happens for a reason, and I believe my stepmother got her reading with you to bring you into my life. What a blessing! I am so grateful for your ability and for your willingness to use it to help others. Speaking with you was like speaking with an old friend - one that I don't plan on losing contact with. May you be surrounded by the white light of the Holy Spirit as you continue the incredible work you do.
Cindy S. ~ California

Oh my. You are terrific. I have to tell you I have never had a more spot on reading in my life. My hubby read it and was so impressed. He said she is very good, coming from him this is a high compliment as he does not ever believe this stuff. I cannot believe how you were so on target. You were right about everything. Its' amazing. You mentioned things that NO one else knew about!! Thank you so much. You are AMAZING!
Leslie S. ~ Chinook, Montana

I sent part of your reading to my sisters, the part about my father showing up. They were amazed because that is exactly how my father died. The messages were perfect. I have to go and cry for a while now. Thank you again!!!
Caroline R. ~ Kirkland, WA

I received a reading from Robin, and all I can say is "Oh My Gosh!" I felt like she was seeing a film of my life through my head and seeing all that was going on. She picked up on things that only I knew and was concerned about, things that I was too ashamed to speak of. Robin offered guidance, compassion and messages from the angels that will keep me pushing forward on this earthly plain, knowing that I am loved and this is all just a souls lesson. Thanks Robin for you have given me back my hope!
Venice B. ~ Breinigsville, PA

OMGoodness! How do you do that? I can't believe the messages that came through from my brother. I was almost embarrassed for a moment with the stories that his spirit was bringing through! But that's when I knew for sure that you were the real deal and connecting with my brother. I can't wait to call my Mom with all of the information! Thank you for all of the amazing work that you do!
Jeffery D. ~ Port Townsend, WA

Robin's reading of me was very insightful and enlightening. Besides confirming some things for me, it also helped me make some decisions, realize what I needed to do for myself and how others perceive me. There were also some messages from the other side that were very comforting! She is very gifted and is able to make an amazing connection with people.
Stacy H. ~ Williamsburg, VA

Robin's reading for me was filled with compassion and regard. Her intuitive messages resonated to the core of my being and affirmed my own knowingness. Robin is highly gifted and her messages are filled with hope, love, and consideration. I highly recommend that you partake in your own reading with her.
Shelly W. ~ Vinita, OK

Thank you so much for the reading. I am sitting here with goose bumps. There is so much that came through the reading that is very accurate. A lot of things that you mentioned were issues that were brought up in other readings that I have had with other people. I am still in awe about how accurate you were! You have chosen this path to follow for a reason, stick with it. Thank you so much for sharing this God-given gift that you have! You go girl!
Barb W. ~ Quilcene, WA

Wow!!! You were spot on! I could relate to all of it!
C.W. ~ Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for your time! Your reading is amazing! After reading it, I could feel my heart beating in my chest and my hands wouldn't stop trembling. I suppose it was because you saw so deep into my soul. Every part of the reading made sense to me. Thank you so much!
Brooks W. ~ Vinita, OK

Robin gave me a reading that was right on the money (so to speak!) She asked me to give her a question so I did. She meditated on it and what came through was AMAZING! My question was answered and then some. She knew things that she couldn't possibly of known about that made me cry and laugh and most of all made me feel so good. Thank you for the reading Robin. You are a beautiful person from the inside out!
Tiffany H. ~ Port Hadlock, WA

The intuitive reading I received from Robin was exceptionally accurate. She was able to answer my question with clarity, as well as provide detailed, supporting information. As part of the reading, Robin offered insight into what steps to take in order to bring closure to the area of my inquiry. Her energy was humble, unassuming, creating a feeling as though we were working "together" beyond just the reading. She infuses her readings with a genuine spirit of caring and openness to however Spirit may lead. Robin's receptive energy inspired a sense of "knowing" and a desire to initiate change. Jackie R. ~ Johns Creek, Georgia

I feel the Great Spirit has a lovely connection with you. I sense you are a compassionate soul. You made a number of very personal connections with my life and loved ones. May God bless you in all you do. Love and Light.
Medium Angela Mc. ~ Liverpool, England

Animal Communication Testimonials

Robin communicated with my dog Sabrina and it was amazing! Sabrina was acting sad and depressed, but after her communication with Robin it was like she was a new dog! She was happy and playful and back to her old self. Almost as if she went to a doggy therapist and got a lot off her little, furry chest! When Robin told me what Sabrina was needed and was feeling, it truly helped me understand her better and made my relationship with her much closer and both of us much happier. I will definitely be using Robin's gift again because like I said, it's like therapy!
Stacy H. ~ Williamsburg, VA

Oh Robin!
This may have been one of the best investments I have made in a long time. Thank you so much, what a gift! It is so great to get some "inside information" from the boys!
Jenny I. ~ Hollbrook, New York

Thank you so much for the reading. You were right on the money with the pups personality. They are exactly as you said. Molly is the love bug and the one who thinks before she acts. Jake he just goes without a care in the world. And defiantly looks to his sister for guidance. As for the owners I'm sure they were living well beyond their means financially to care for them as well. I'm so glad they found us. And thank you so much for the reading. You spoke for them and told their story.
Brooks W. ~ Vinita, OK

My husbands dog Banjo was keeping us up all night barking at every gust of wind and bump in the night. Thank you for the AMAZING reading for Banjo! Your insights from connecting to her energy and love for my husband was incredibly accurate. We got to sleep all night long and are grateful for the healing you are sending her! Thanks to Rockiní Robin! We are celebrating another quiet night! Melynnda B. ~ Blanco, Texas

Dear Robin,
Thank you so much... you have helped me more than you know during this most difficult time.
Barb W. ~ Quilcene, WA

Thank you so much!! Thank you for Sasha's reading. Thank you for my reading. Thank you for all of the loving and kind words that you speak. Please thank your guides for me. Lots of love!
Jayashree S. ~ South Wales, Australia

Hi Robin!
Ok, first let me start by saying you are amazing! I was sobbing after your reading for Sabrina. I'm even tearing up now by just going over it again! Please know that your reading was right on in everything. You really got the true essence of Brina! Thank you again so much!
Stacy H. ~ Williamsburg, VA

Hi Robinette!
Thank you for your work. I could surely acknowledge those that were welcoming Vanilleke "over there" ...the woman, the older man and the dog. Also the bonding part between Vanilleke and Krista, with the hair was spot on!! Thank you again! Hugzzzz!
Ann J. ~ Hoboken, Antwerpen, Belgium

Dearest Robin,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING that you have sent my way! Words can not capture how appreciative I am. I am so grateful for your time and talent! You have been so generous in the comfort you have brought to me. I appreciate it with my entire heart. Many blessings!
Zelina A.~ San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for your reading with Huey. And thank you for conveying the message to Marcel. I am glad to hear that he is relieved about passing at home. Thank you for everything!!! I have already recommended you to several people and told them about my fabulous reading! You are so wonderful!
Kate A. ~ Millwaukee, Wisc